Uk dating scots lover romance

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Uk dating scots lover romance

There are some scholars that believe that Mary was forced into the marriage and repeatedly raped, not a willing and wanting member of the marriage.Both Mary and the Earl of Bothwell escaped Borthwick Castle safely and raised an army of supporters.Mary would never forgive Lord Darnley for having Rizzio assassinated.In 1567, Mary after a failed attempt to reconcile with Lord Darnley became attracted to one of her firm supporters, the Earl of Bothwell.Early in her life she was a pawn in the battle between Protestantism and Catholicism.

The marriage between Mary and the Earl of Bothwell is also controversial.Mary returned to Scotland to find it under the influence of the Protestant, John Knox.Though she was the Queen of Scotland, her position as the dominant figure there was not as obvious being that she was Catholic. Great Britain was Protestant, France was Catholic, and Scotland was torn between the two of them.Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots was born into a time full of religious turmoil.

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Her father was James V of Scotland, the son Margaret Tudor and the nephew of England's King Henry VIII.